Milan Fashion Week

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This month in Milan, the world famous Fashion Week was in full gear.  Just like in the sport of tennis, where the Grand Slam four most important tournaments are hosted in Melbourne, London, New York, and Paris, the fashion industry also has the “Big Four” runway events in major cities around the world.  The four most important Fashion Weeks are in London, Milan, New York and Paris.  Milan’s Fashion week started in 1958 and has run biannually since that time.


One of the regular participants in Milan Fashion Week is the luxurious brand, Versace.  The Italian fashion company is also headquartered in Milan and was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Gianni was murdered in 1997, putting his entire legacy at risk.  In order to keep the Versace brand alive, Gianni’s sister Donatella stepped up to take over operations of the company.  Under her leadership, Versace has become an even more legendary fashion house.  The 2017 Milan Fashion Week marked the 20th anniversary of Gianni’s passing, and Donatella paid tribute to her brother at one of the Milan shows.

Law Intersects

The reality of the fashion world is that it is populated with high-powered, enormously wealthy, top-end designers.  It is very rare for law enforcement to cross into this realm.  Law usually intersects fashion in other ways, such as copyrights, trademarks, and labor codes.  One of the secrets of the industry is that many of the clothes are manufactured by low-paid labor.  This has prompted states like California to keep a close eye on its clothing manufacturers, especially in concentrated parts of Los Angeles.

So when homicide detectives were called to Gianni Versace’s Miami Beach residence on July 15, 1997, it would soon become clear to law enforcement that this murder was no ordinary local event.  Media from around the world descended to Florida upon the news of Versace’s passing.

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Fame Meets Infamy

The reality of everyday life is that some individuals work and achieve stratospheric success, and a few others are straight up losers.  Whenever a famous person is killed, more often than not, the assassin is someone who everyone knew would amount to absolutely nothing.  Unfortunately, by taking the life of a successful person, these losers achieve the notoriety that they always craved, but were never capable of obtaining on their own through legitimate, noteworthy accomplishments.

For that reason, no mention of the name of Gianni Versace’s assassin will be made here.  This particular individual had zero worth as a human being.  His biggest accomplishment in life was his ability to be a pathological liar when he was a teenager.  He went on a nationwide killing spree before stalking and eventually turning his gun towards Gianni at the very end.  Thankfully for everyone, the last bullet this loser fired was into his own head, ending his pathetic life.

Versace’s Legacy

The fact that twenty years after his passing, Gianni Versace was honored and remembered at Milan Fashion Week exemplifies his standing in the industry.  Gianni was one of the pioneers who first mixed fashion with celebrity, routinely having celebs model his new clothing designs.  In 1997, nobody knew if his brand and company would survive.  But sister Donatella’s brilliant management ensured that Versace remained at the forefront of world fashion.  Today, the Versace brand is worth billions.

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